Membership is easy. You can use the link below to register on-line   Make sure you select the  “Greater NY EAA”  for the chapter you belong to. You can select other chapters in your area or multiple chapters.  The EAA is a non-profit educational organization.

$35 Regular Membership – electronic delivery of Current EVents
$45 Membership with paper CE mailed ($48 for Canada; $52 World)
$25 Student/Senior Member – electronic delivery of Current Events (senior > 65)
$29 Student/Senior Member – with paper CE mailed

Online CE Only (membership required, Saves EAA dollars and trees, and get CE the day it goes to the post office. Dues paid may include this option)

Once you are registered, you can enjoy all of the member-only areas of the site. If you have ever been a member of the EAA, or you already have been registered, please do not register again. Use your original member ID and info to sign up again. Your member number (5 digits with leading zeros) is your user name and password for first time log on. Look for your member number on your membership card or on the address label on Current EVents. If you need help contact us and we will assist you in signing up

Go to the home page at , on the left hand side scroll down and select ” Join the EAA”.  On the next page select “Member”. On the next page select a user name and enter your first and last name.  If you are not sure what chapter and you are signing up from another state select the upper tab “EAA Chapter”.  This will give you a list of every chapter it USA and over seas.  If you are in NY select “Greater New York EAA”.  From here you will be prompted to fill out more information, membership type and payment.

Refer a Friend
If you know someone who you feel would be interested in the EAA use this link  and send a referral.

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Your annual membership could be covered with your first purchase as an EAA member

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